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Sintered Oil-impregnated Bearing Features

A sintered oil-impregnated bearing is a bearing that lubricates itself during use and is made using powder metallurgy technology whereby metal powder is packed and then heated to form a product which is then impregnated with oil via the many pores that are characteristic of sintered materials.

The presence of lubricant is necessary for a bearing to function correctly. In the case of a sintered oil-impregnated bearing, a pumping action occurs during operation due to the revolution of the shaft, and this sucks the oil inside the bearing outward. The oil wedge that occurs due to the oil lifts the shaft from the surface of the bearing and prevents metal contact. The heat generated from friction also causes the oil to expand and seep out to the bearing’s sliding surface, which has a cooling effect as well as a lubricating effect. When the shaft is still, the oil on the sliding surface is once again absorbed back into the pores in the bearing by capillary force.
Sintered oil-impregnated bearing